SMBProIT’s Annual HR Director Membership Program

SMBProIT’s HR Director Gary Wheeler discusses our Annual HR Director Membership Program. Our Annual Virtual HR Director Membership Program is the perfect HR solution for small organizations. We start out by conducting an HR assessment to determine whether you are compliant with federal, state, and local HR laws and regulations. We will provide you with the proper procedures, forms, and resources you need or direct you to where to find them. The bottom line, a few fines for not doing what you are required to do can wipe out all of your annual profits. Next, we will provide you with a customized Employee Handbook. You can update your handbook as often as you like throughout the year. You will also enjoy unlimited access to our team of experts. Questions may range from HR compliance to employee performance, to employee discipline. You can call or email as often as you like throughout the year. At an annual membership cost of only $500 for your first year and $250/year moving forward, our program is the most valuable and affordable HR solution available.