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Did you know that you can buy movie tickets from several companies on the web and through mobile apps? Not only is this a convenient way toSMBPro Movie Club buy movie tickets, it also saves you money. Companies like Fandango and others make deals with various industry partners to offer discounts on tickets. Then they add a fee for their profit and sell them to you with a nice discount. It is a great model and way to save money. The problem is, like with most perks, they have to keep a nice chunk of the discounts that they negotiate to fund their revenue model.

That is where we are different. We do not add to the ticket price or profit from those sales. We extent 100% of the discount directly to our members.

That is why we beat ALL of their prices, ALL of the time.

Less restrictions, greater discounts, lower prices. End of story!

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Rather stay in and cozy up to a good flick? SMBPro is your hook-up for affordable and convenient new-release movie and video game rentals!

About a million discs (and sometimes a whole lot more) are rented from redbox kiosks every single day.  With more U.S. locations than Starbucks and McDonald’s combined, we are probably already on your way home. Score big with SMBPro redbox deals getting you the lowest prices imaginable for today’s SMBPro Movie Clubbiggest hits. The redbox new-release movie deals leave the cable companies on the bench. New Releases are usually less than half the price and no monthly fees, beating up on cable corps like they were the Browns!

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redbox Fast Facts
  • $1.75 a day for DVDs, $2 a day Blu-ray™ Discs and $3 a day for video games
  • Earn free movie and game nights via Redbox Perks
  • Rent a new-release cheaper than cable
  • No monthly subscription required
  • Rent and return anywhere at any of our more than 41,500 kiosks and counting

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