Wellness is the hottest topic in HR right now.

Every dollar invested in wellness saves $3 in healthcare costs.

  • 59% of employees do not get adequate exercise
  • 50% or more have high cholesterol
  • 27% have cardiovascular disease
  • 26% are overweight by 20 percent or more
  • 24% have high blood pressure

According to the Wellness Council of America

Physical Wellness

We offer a wealth of information around your physical health, learn about everything from nutrition basics and toxin awareness to exercise routines and stress management.

Nutrition Basics 

Simply understanding the basics of nutrition is often the first step toward a healthier lifestyle and provides a solid foundation for your journey toward better health.

Healthy Recipes 

With over 100 healthy recipes we’ve made it easy for you to start each day with a wholesome breakfast, reduce your carbs or calories and find the perfect dish for any night of the week.

Expert Videos 

Quickly get expert advice on everything from weight loss and fitness, to allergies and cooking tips. With over 300 expert videos you are bound to learn something new!

Self Assessment Tool 

With the help of the American Heart Association, we’ve included a simple 7 point self-assessment to help you evaluate the healthiness of your current lifestyle and recommend areas for improvement.

Toxin Awareness 

Get to know the various impurities and toxins that can be found in our food and homes. As we learn more about these risks, we can begin to recognize them and minimize our exposure.

My Wellness Profile 

Manage your personal information, pick and train for a challenge, calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Body Mass Index (BMI) and more!

Wellness requires more than just regular exercise and good nutrition, social, intellectual, financial and spiritual matters are important too.

Social Wellness

We’ve equipped our wellness platform with some basic tools to help you make a positive impact in the lives of your friends, coworkers, family, and neighbors.

Financial Wellness

We want you to be a good steward of your hard-earned money and that’s why we’ve put the basics of financial health in one place for you.

Top Features

  • Over $4,500 in Saving
  • Pharmacy Discounts
  • Free Credit Report
  • Gym Membership Discounts
  • Free Financial Consultation
  • Insurance Benefits
  • Financial Education Tips

Wellness Store

We’ve put a world of wellness products at your fingertips with our integrated Amazon store, making it easier than ever for you to stay motivated and get in shape!