While other groups are becoming more expensive and restrictive we are releasing the most modern, effective, and affordable healthcare programs for the SMB Community

The SMB Professionals Group brings innovative programs to the Small Business Community.  Even companies with as few as 2 full time employees can enjoy programs and savings usually reserved for larger organizations.  We negotiate, develop, and acquire resources utilizing the shared voices and resources of tens of thousands small business professionals. Our new Lifestyle Program is thriving while other programs are failing in our new political struggle.  SMBPro members are saving 15-50% over current PPOs or PEO’s.  Call 844-961-9408 to see how much you can save with the Lifestyle Plan.

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Let us help you find the insurance plan that best meets your medical and financial needs. Choose one of the options below to view plans or call 844-961-9408 for a one-on-one consultation and hassle-free enrollment process.