• In Crafting the Natural Light Look, Sandra shares her knowledge and techniques so that you, too, can learn to quickly and dependably create the look of natural light in your own portraiture.
  • Learn to use a one-light approach for recreating the look of beautiful, natural window light for portraiture!


At its best, natural light is magical for portraiture. The quality of natural light streaming through a window can be extraordinary―gorgeous, wrapping light that flatters your subject and can be used to create multiple looks. For years, photographer Sandra Coan exclusively used natural light in her portraiture work. And while the results could be magnificent, she also learned that she could not rely on it to build a business and create consistently great photographs.

The key characteristics of light (intensity, distance, direction)

• Equipment: strobes, flashes, light meters, triggers, receivers, modifiers, reflectors, and light stands―including what she uses, and what she recommends if starting out on a budget

• Shutter speed and its relationship with artificial light

• Where to position the light and the subject for consistent, flattering results

• Creating four lighting patterns and looks with one setup―flat light, loop light, side light, and backlight