About the SMB Professionals Group – IT

Founded in 2006 on LinkedIn to support small and medium sized businesses, the SMB Professionals Group has grown to over 7000 prime members and 20,000 readers. Through education, consulting, seminars, and revenue generating tools & methodologies, SMB Professionals CORE Advisers have helped literally thousands of business owners reach their business goals. Our Advisers are experts in the industry and are active and current in their understanding of the rapidly changing technological world. They continue to develop systems and processes that are efficient and effective at driving immediate revenue results for our free and prime members. The SMB Professionals Group is excited to announce the upcoming release of our new community platform BETA! The SMB Professionals Group has created a state of the art business marketing and benefit service platform for the small and micro sized business IT and MSP community. Focusing primarily on the 2-60 employee demographic the SMB Professionals Group provides sales and marketing training, collateral, and a robust portfolio of benefits that our members usually find cost restrictive or available only to larger businesses. The platform saves members thousands of dollars a year over existing sales, marketing, and operational collateral as well as service expenses for a very low monthly membership cost. In this way the SMB Professionals platform allows our members to pursue strategies that were previously not available or affordable. Premium membership is priced so affordably that if a member only finds value in a small subset of features, the value and benefit to their business, their employees, and themselves is still strong with a clear and attractive ROI. SMB Professional memberships give small businesses a depth of resources beyond what a company of their size could develop on their own delivering a great competitive advantage. The SMB Professionals Group Platform has been under development for over a year. The platform offers the small business the opportunity of accessing training courses, educational and product specific webinars, advertising materials, professional graphics, sales scripts, power point presentations, white papers, sales aids and much more. Because of the extremely low cost of the SMB Professionals Group members do not have to choose between us and their other Association affiliations. The SMB Professionals Group is an “AND”, not an “OR” choice. Premium members receive a welcome package that directs them to the Welcome Center for instructions on getting the most out of their membership. When a member fully understands the value and benefits of membership, joining the community is a logical and exciting choice. About the SMB Professionals Group - IT Basic About the SMB Professionals Group - IT Bronze About the SMB Professionals Group - IT Silver About the SMB Professionals Group - IT Gold
About the SMB Professionals Group - IT