A mum has shared the small act of kindness she experienced from a member of staff in Home Bargains after her son’s tantrum in the store left her feeling like a ‘bad parent’

Nobody ever said being a parent was easy and there are bound to be ‘nightmare’ moments when you feel like you’re not doing a very good job.

One mum recently claims to have experienced this feeling while out shopping with her three-year-old son at a Home Bargains store in Liscard, Wirral.

Rosie Morris was getting ready to pay when her little boy Ronnie started having a tantrum over a toy they were buying.

She told The Liverpool Echo how he wanted to open the packet before they got to the till and when his mum said no, he began crying, hitting her and he even threw himself to the floor.

The scene caused the 23-year-old to feel like a ‘bad mum’ and she was mortified – until a member of staff at the till showed her some kindness.

She said: “The store was packed and he was hitting me. He threw himself to the floor and everything. The whole store was looking at me.

“I felt awful, and I got quite upset. Because obviously it’s, I don’t want to say embarrassing, but it’s hard, especially because I was on my own with him.

“I kind of felt like a bad mum, to be honest, because of the way people were looking at me.

“I don’t know if people were looking at me and thinking, ‘Oh, she is a bad mum’, or I don’t know if people were looking at me and thinking, ‘Oh, I want to help her’.”

Rosie went on to say that she ended up putting down her basket and going to take Ronnie outside the shop to calm down.

But as she was passing the checkout, a woman working on the till grabbed her attention.

“She said, ‘You’re doing an amazing job, don’t worry’, and it just made me feel a lot better,” the mum recalls.

“I wouldn’t say that a weight was lifted, but I felt like not everybody was judging me.

“At least one person looked at me and went out of her way to do that. Like, she didn’t have to do that. She had customers and stuff as well.”

Rosie shared the tale on a Facebook group sharing her experience and thanking the kind lady from Home Bargains.

And the mum claims the replies on the post made her feel “so much better”.

“I’m so glad that I wrote it, because I was kind of feeling on edge all day, thinking people might be talking about me after it,” she said.

“Then when I wrote that post, seeing everybody’s comments, I just feel so much better.”

She added: “One person did comment on the post and say that she was actually there when it happened, and she said all she wanted was to come over and give me a hug.

“A lot of people who have commented on the post said, ‘Don’t worry about other people when they’re looking at you’, and they said that they go through it.

“That made me feel better knowing that I’m not the only one who’s been there, and I won’t be the last person to have a kid with a tantrum.”