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We are ready to WOW you, save you money, and give you access to a continually growing success library. When you join SMBProIT you have a full staff of industry experts working for you everyday. We are writing, training, developing, and designing, as well as searching for and purchasing tools and resources for you every single day!

SMBProIT Members have exclusive access to real world courses, and product aligned webinars, advertising materials, professional graphics, sales scripts, power point presentations, white papers, sales aids and much more.

In addition , members enjoy hundreds of dollars in savings every week on everything from pizza and the zoo to movie tickets, car rentals and more. Enjoy best in class benefits and exclusive deals. We do not take commissions or fees from our retailers, we pass the savings on to our members. In 2017 the average member savings was over $4500 when NOT modifying their buying choices and over 9500 when fully utilizing the buyers club. In addition, members saved 15% to 50% on healthcare and insurances.

So what are you waiting for, Join us today! There are no contracts or cancellation penalties, and we guarantee you that you will get tremendous value from your membership AND our benefits will save you more than your fee EVERY SINGLE MONTH or your money back.

Fixing HealthCare When it Counts!

While Association & Trade Organizations are losing their HealthCare Benefits, we are expanding. In this volatile political and economical crisis in HealthCare the old predatory practices of the healthcare system are no longer stable. The system is literally ripping itself apart. These are new times and old legacy plans with continue to struggle or fail. We are new and innovative and have enlisted the some of the top minds in the industry to build us a state of the art healthcare plan for modern times. In addition, we have Dental, Vision, Accident, Life & More. Check out our Insurance center for our LifeStyle Plan and other big member only discounts on many of the top providers.

Benefits That You Can
Actually Use Everyday!

We have consulted The Harvard Business Review, Glass Door, Forbes, Employee Benefit New, & of course our Data to highlight the benefits that are most impotant to members and employees.

What is Important to Members?

100% Align Value with Member Needs


96% Online Industry Webinars and Events


95% Brandable Content & Resources


93% Voluntary Benefits & Healthcare


93% Organization to Member Engagement & Interaction


92% Marketing Education & Training


90% Purchasing Power & Savings


4% Live in Person Events


3% Political Activity & Advocacy


2% Non-profit Status


Join SMBPro and Save


The SMB Professionals Group Levels of Engagement


The SMB Professionals Group Family


Enjoy an immediate return on your investment, guaranteed!

You’re Never Far From Savings

SMB Pro Benefits Apps
SMBProIT Benefits Apps

Save on everything from pizza and the zoo, to movie tickets, oil changes, and car rentals. We offer over 302,000 discounts across the United States & Canada.  350,000+ total locations in over 10,000 cities  How do we do it, through alliances, partnerships, hundreds of hours negotiating exclusive deals, and financial investment.  All culminating in the best perks plan in the world!  All through one single pane of glass.  We have aggregated the most powerful networks in the world and added them to our own exclusive network.  One app, one single pane of glass, all of your benefits.

Risk free, No Contracts, Guaranteed!

And while we do aggregate benefits, we have HUNDREDS of exclusive relationships that you cannot find anywhere else.  And best of all, we do not take commissions when you use your perks, that is why we kick every body else in their assets.  We give the savings to our members.

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